Free From Functional Food Expo

Амстердам, Нідерланди

The Free From industry is growing rapidly. Foods without dairy, gluten or animal products are becoming much more mainstream and readily available on supermarket shelves and in the foodservice sector. And not only the variety and range of products, also the demand has grown. More and more consumers are choosing Free From products.

This 8th annual edition of Europe's leading Free From trade exhibition is the best place to discover all the latest developments in Free From. Over the years hundreds of producers, brand owners, researchers, food professionals, buyers, dieticians and bakers and more have joined the Free From community.


Gluten Free • Vegan • Fat Free • Egg Free • Lactose Free • Dairy Free • Allergy Free • Nut Free • Organic • Slavery Free • Palm Oil Free • Dairy Free • Soy Free • Sugar free • Yeast Free • Salt Free • No additives • Wheat Free • ...and many more free from food
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